Wednesday, September 05, 2007

At Long Freakin' Last!

Last week, I received the page proofs for "Out of His League," the first Digger story I wrote. It was an odd experience to reread that story, which they've been holding for (I think) close to three years now. It was written in 24 hours and submitted under the wire for their first Daikaiju! anthology. It didn't make the cut, but they asked to hold onto it for future publication in an e-anthology, which later got changed to a print anthology through Prime Books.

Today was even cooler. When I got home from work, this was waiting in my email-- the cover art to Daikaiju!3: Giant Monsters vs. the World! It's by an artist named Nick Stathopolous. Seriously cool!

Reading the story now is odd, because I've sold two Digger tales since then (both to Jim Baen's Universe), and both were written in First Person Present. "Out of His League" is written in First Person Past, which feels wrong to me now. Plus, there are so many things I would do differently if I were writing it nowadays.

And of course, since Agog! is an Australian publisher, they Britishized (or is that Britishised) all my spellings, which really makes the story feel almost like someone else wrote it. And they clipped my final line. It makes Digger's next plan less clear, but it has better rhythm, so I'll let it stand without fuss. The book is supposed to be released at Conflux 4 in Australia by the end of the month. Not sure when it'll be available in the states.

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