Monday, January 29, 2007

Heroes and More Heroes

Well, Heroes returned last week, and I was mostly happy, although I thought the bit where Hiro fulfilled the prophetic of him facing off against a dinosaur was a big rip-off. Total bait and switch. And Studio 60 came back, but meh. I found that, unlike Heroes, I didn't miss it while it was gone.

In the meantime, I've been playing City of Heroes every spare moment for about a month. I got my graphic and memory upgrades installed, and the game plays so much better, and looks so much better than it ever did. The big thing is, when I stopped playing last year, my main character was bogged down at level 38 and had been for a long time. He was out of missions until level 40, therefore had to either team up or street hunt for experience, and I'm not normally a team player. So things were going slowly.

Since I've come back, in a month of concentrated play (including this past weekend which I spent hours playing, because it was a double xp event), I've pushed him from 38 to 43, and the game is fun again. I thought about posting some screenshots of just how much better the game looks, but that was a lot of work, so I won't.

Got to get ready for work.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An Old Nemesis Returns

I'm still here, just busy. What's been taking up most of my spare time is an old friend/foe, City of Heroes. I had quit for about three months, due to boredom and burnout, but their Christmas event lured me back in. And once I was in, I was stuck.

Funny thing is, I quit partly because I wanted to save that 15 bucks a month for other things. But after Christmas, not only did I spend the 15 bucks, but then I spent another $20 to finally buy City of Villains (a good deal since it came with another 15 dollars worth of free gametime, so I only spent $5 on the game itself), and then close to $150 on computer upgrades so I would play the game with its recent patches. I was already barely limping along on the lowest graphics settings across the board. I'm hoping the upgrade does some good in other areas to help justify the cost, though.

And ironically enough, after a week or so of City of Heroes, I've come up with some ideas for the big scene that I stalled out on the Hero Go Home rewrite. Of course, I haven't actually written any of it because I've been too busy playing. But that will change soon. I think that rewrite may soon be churning along again.