Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Trial Run

Thought I would give this a try. I love reading some other folks' blogs, and I could use the daily discipline of writing. Nothing very witty today, because I'm just test-driving, kind of like those old programming tutorials where you print something like "This is my first program" to the screen or something. For some reason, I never really had the knack of seeing the possibilities in the tutorial and pushing beyond the boundaries of what they showed me (or else I tried to push so far beyond the boundaries that I quickly got lost and gave up). I've often been told that I'm a creative guy, but there are certain kinds of creativity that have always escaped me. Those guys who come up with crazy tricks on skateboards and bikes? Might as well be aliens as far as I'm concerned. I'll never understand where they're coming from.

Speaking of aliens, have you seen the teaser for Spielberg's "War of the Worlds"? Looks like it could be good, but it stars Tom Cruise, and star power has a tendency to warp projects in directions they're not always meant to go. We'll see....

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