Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm Back

I was out for drinks last night with a couple of buddies who got me feeling guilty that I hadn't posted here in so long, so I'll start again. It's been hard to get my strength up for blogging. I've been through the mill the last couple of months: I had to replace the shocks and springs in my car, I had to work an extra day per week for a while there, and I've been working out 5-6 days per week. I'm one week away from the end of this workout cycle. I have to say, it's not perfect, but P90X is the real deal for people in halfway decent shape who want to get ripped. I'm not super-ripped, mostly because I haven't been eating well at all, but The Wife keeps commenting on how much better I look, so something must be working.

I'm pissed off at movie trailers. There's this thing they do where they fade in and out of shots now, instead of cutting. It's hella annoying, and it seems like everyone's doing it. The worst offenders so far have been "Zathura" and "War Of the Worlds." Seriously, when I was in the theater watching the "War of the Worlds" trailer, it was so annoying I just closed my eyes until the damn thing was finished. It's like 70% black screen; if I hadn't seen it on-line first, I would have thought the projector was broken.

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