Monday, May 28, 2007


So here's the learning experience. The audio quality isn't great, partly because I'm using the cheapest microphone on earth. It took a long time to download for me, even though the file isn't that big. It's about 18 MB and 19 minutes long. It's not great, but it can only get better, right?

Show Notes:

Opening theme, mixed by Tony Frazier from music loops from Partners in Rhyme.

Reflections about my introduction to fandom in the mid-70's, including Star Trek, Space 1999, UFO, and a passing mention of Starship Invasions.

My first con, where I met George Takei and Bret Morrison, and had them sign a Ray Harryhausen fan magazine.

Downer endings in 70's films. Lots of spoilers.

The episode of the Tomorrow show I never saw, until today. And yes, I mispronounced Harlan Ellison's name, sue me.

End theme also provided by Partners in Rhyme.


Wm. Elmore said...

Thanks for pointing me to the Tom Snyder interview. I think it's very interesting. Of course, I didn't get to see it the first time because it's as old as I am.

I'm still hesitant about watching TOS because of how Shatner is and all the built-in drama. I'm afraid I won't like it, but who knows...

I will admit TNG is a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

space 1999 was very interesting
2 episodes stand out

the one where the wind at the beginning kills the girl...

and the flying thing that kept attacking people...

Anonymous said...

you need to read william shatners
get a life book

Anonymous said...

That tom snyder I am watching it on youtube myself!

pretty interesting!!!