Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breaking Down

So yeah, no Out of the Vault or Movie Monday the last few days. I had Out of the Vault all set to go, but a change in work schedule and some parental obligations left me without time or energy to get the scans done. And I had a movie all picked out, but wasn't going to start on the movie with the comic left to be done. So there you go. Sometimes the real job trumps the fake blog job.

Which isn't to say that the real job is going all that well. I have never in my life descended so quickly into total apathy on a job, not caring how I'm doing or whether I keep the job or not. Part of that is my own lack of aptitude for the job, but another part is the way the company manages to kill any fragment of enthusiasm I might have had for the job. I mean, I can understand why they've established some of the policies they have; they need to squeeze as much productivity out of their people as they can. But fear and stress aren't conducive to employee morale or cohesion or company pride.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Frank Frazetta died today. I was not Frazetta's biggest fan growing up. Frazetta was one of those guys that everyone else was telling me I ought to love, but I preferred the more detailed work being done by guys like James Bama (who was doing the covers for the Bantam reprints of Doc Savage) and Boris Vallejo.

But as I got older, I came to appreciate Frazetta more, and to recognize just how talented he was. A couple of years ago, I saw an amazing documentary about his career titled "Painting With Fire."

So anyway, put on some Molly Hatchet or Nazareth and lift a glass to Frank. We'll miss him.

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