Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Should Be Writing

SO I've got a ton of projects that need doing, but I can't concentrate on any of them, because I'm getting so revved up about starting a new game. I was a little iffy on the concept of the campaign world when it was first being described, but now my character is really starting to take shape, and I think he's got the potential for about eight different kinds of cool.

I've got the basic parameters of the character mostly figured out. There are some setting-specific details that need to be ironed out, either by me or by the gamemaster. I've tried to set him up so that there are some mysteries in his background that may or may not come into play down the road. I've tried to set it up so that he can be interesting both in and out of combat, while also being totally different from either Cole Chen or Dougal Smeaton (for that matter, he's not really like any character I've played, although he shares some similarities with a couple).

It's been fun coming up with his personality, his history, his abilities and the way they fit together. It's fun imagining what kinds of scenes he might play with other characters, to help me define his personality more clearly in my head. But he really won't take full shape until we're actually playing and he has other characters to react to. And that's one of the coolest parts, because at that point, I'll really be getting to know him at the same time as everybody else.


Naamah said...

Pretty much exactly where I'm at. There's only so much advance planning you can do for a character's actual fundamental nature, because behavior changes on the fly as the group gels. You can get really close, but characters always surprise you, and that's one of my favorite things.

Anonymous said...

Me, three!

And, yes, apparently your character much be either a) traumatizing, b) very interesting, or c) both, given that I already had a dream about him.

TheyStoleFrazier'sBrain said...

You've never met my character. You were obviously dreaming about me. You apparently find me traumatizing.

I forgive you.