Monday, July 16, 2012

Barack Obama's Jobs Plan

1. Increase regulations on businesses, making everything they do more expensive and more burdensome, including hiring.

2. Use the EPA's regulating power to discourage domestic fossil fuel production and to shut down coal-fired power plants, eliminating or forcing overseas thousands of jobs. This also makes energy scarcer and more expensive, driving up costs for businesses (and consumers) across the spectrum and leaving less money available for things like hiring.

3. Fail to pass a federal budget three years running and run the government on last-minute continuing resolutions. Likewise, propose huge increases in corporate and personal taxes, but leave temporary cuts in place for a couple of years at a time, so that businesses can never predict what their expenses will be by this time next year, including hiring.

4. Pass a sweeping change to the health care system, thousands of pages long, establishing over a hundred new bureaucracies with thousands of regulations "to be determined" in coming years, driving up compliance costs while exacerbating uncertainty over the true costs of hiring new personnel.

5. ...

6. Sit back and watch the jobs pour in.

How can any thinking person seriously plan to vote for this tool?


Anonymous said...

1. Increase regulations on business to prevent the rampant theft and abuses that led to the current recession in the first place, as well as require them to treat employees and consumers in a civilized fashion.

2. Use the EPA's regulating power to reduce the wanton destruction caused by mining and drilling, as well as forcing the modernization of the power system, which is so antiquated that third-world countries mock it. Businesses always claim regulation will make them go out of business, and it is always a lie.

3. Fail to pass a federal budget due to rampant partisan bickering, cronyism, and obstructionism. Struggle with support for repealing disastrous tax cuts put in place by the last GOP president which at least triples the deficit.

4. Pass a sweeping, desperately needed change to the broken healthcare system, bringing relief to millions who cannot afford basic care, and forcing the system to modernize in line with every other civilized country, all over bitter opposition from conservative idealogues.

5. ...

6. Imagine what could have been accomplished without a bunch of wealthy scumbags spending billions to oppose every move he made.

Anonymous said...

Still don't know why you haven't gone into politics, seriously.