Saturday, March 25, 2006

An Interesting Review

I'm kind of interested in seeing "V for Vendetta," and kind of not. I remember really liking the comic (but let's face it, I liked everything Alan Moore wrote, even "Big Numbers," which went nowhere fast). But then again, that dark, cool, angsty, anarchy vibe feels so... 25 years ago, you know? I've moved on.

But the review of "V for Vendetta" in "Entertainment Weekly" has an interesting bit in it that I thought I'd comment on. Owen Gleiberman writes about a friend who expressed surprise that a film like "V" could be released by a major studio:

I was awestruck at his naïveté in a world where fight-the-power anarchy is now marketed as a fashionable identity statement — by the corporations that helped raise a generation on bands like Rage Against the Machine, by the armchair-leftist bloggers who flog the same righteousness day after day. V for Vendetta has a playful-demon vitality, but it's designed to let political adolescents of every age congratulate themselves. It's rage against the machine by the machine.


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