Friday, March 03, 2006

Plate o' Shrimp

So I'm freaking out yesterday about all the authors I'm sharing web space with in the new e-zine, and this morning when I check my email, I've gotten a comment from one of the writers I mentioned, specifically Elizabeth Bear. I felt a little odd that one of them had actually witnessed my little geek fit, but it's cool.

Then I visit my friend Matt's LJ blog; he has a bunch of writer friends, so I tend to read their blogs through his friend list. And I'm reading Jay Lake's entries from last night, and he's talking about guess who left and right?

That's right.

According to Jay Lake, she's, like, one of the smartest, coolest women on the planet right now. But in one of those strange serendipitous timings that I'm constantly encountering, he chose last night to wax rhapsodic over Ms. Bear, so that I would read it today, right after she contacted me from out of the blue (and of course, why did she contact me? Because she got a Google Alert that someone had used her name - which means that she's probably also reading this right now!!!).

Brrr... It gives me one of those shivers you get when you're watching TV late at night, and they're demonstrating backward masking or EVP, where you hear the ghost voices on the tape, and your skin draws up in goosebumps as one side of your brain screams, That is so weird! and the other side screams, That is so cool!

Okay, I'm done.


Elizabeth said...

Nah, don't be silly. What kind of a freak would show up out of the blue twice?



Jay Lake said...

Yeah, really. That's too weird for words.