Thursday, September 21, 2006

Apple Sux

I had Quicktime on my computer, but I ran into playback problems, so I updated the player. Quicktime was now totally incompatible with Firefox, apparently, so I deleted it from my system completely, and everything else ran pretty much fine. So my wife is looking for something on-line the other day, it requires Quicktime. She reinstalls it, and now not only does it not work with Firefox, not only does it pop up fucking error messages every other page, but it's also killed Flash!

Fucking useless crap.

ETA: Fixed it. Ended up having to delete a bunch of .dll files. What a pain.

2nd UPDATE: mtreiten asked how I fixed it. I searched through Mozilla's FAQs and found this page, which recommends editing Quicktime's preferences under the Browser tab and unchecking Flash content, then hunting down and deleting npqt*.dll from your Mozilla plug-in folder. I tried to get away without deleting the dll files, but it turns out I had to. I still get error messages popping up constantly asking me to install Quicktime, but the Flash works again. I've tried unchecking the boxes that make Quicktime the default player of all but Quicktime and TIFF files, but I still get the error messages and I don't know how to stop them. Ironically enough, I've only been getting the error messages asking me to install Quicktime since installing Quicktime.

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mtreiten said...

How did you fix it? My Flash and Java have been dead for ages and I haven't bothered to track it down. So you say it's Quicktime that did it?