Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So one of the more depressing things I went through last year was the long wait on several stories I had submitted. In the last three weeks, I've started getting some responses back.

Realms of Fantasy passed on "King of the Kars." Intergalactic Medicine Show said 'no' to "Shell" (after holding onto it for almost a full year). And after 14 months, Baen's Universe is buying "Double-Secret Weapon," the Digger sequel I sent them a month after they accepted "Astromonkeys!" Now I really need to get back to work on Hero Go Home.

Still no word on "Frame by Frame." They had extended the open submission period several times; last I heard, they're closing submissions in mid-March.

In TV, Heroes pulled a Lucas on us. Several episodes ago, they set up what looked like a possible romantic relationship between Peter and Claire (yes, I know she's still in high school, but she'll be of age soon). Last week, they dropped the bomb - Peter is Claire's uncle. Oops.

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Pro sale #2!!! Whoo hoo!