Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl

The game last night was pretty good, although the continuous rain made it look like a thoroughly miserable experience for everyone there. The rain made for a sloppy game with lots of turnovers, and Chicago fell apart in the second half, so it wasn't so much a nail-biter. But the half-time show with Prince wasn't nearly as embarrassing as it had the potential to be. The half-time show has always been something to be endured more than enjoyed, but since the infamous 2004 show, it's become something to be actively dreaded, and how sad is that? Maybe after another year or two, now that we've had Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones and Prince to wash the taste out of our mouths, the half-time show will begin to lose its taint.

My favorite commercial of the show? The Blockbuster mouse torture spot.

I'm finally beginning to cool down on City of Heroes fever, and this week's return of Lost and Survivor should bring things back to normal, which means I may be posting more.

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