Friday, March 30, 2007

Almost Ashamed That I Think This Is Cool

Michael Jackson is in talks to mount an elaborate show in Vegas, complete with, wait for it...

A 50-foot-tall, laser-shooting robot replica of himself.

Remember "Moonwalker?" The straight-to-video production featuring Michael Jackson as a protector of kids vs. a vicious Joe Pesci? There's a sequence in there in which Jackson transforms into a giant robot (pictured at left--more pics from Moonwalker can be found here).

This new plan sounds like he wants to make that special effect come to life. A giant laser-shooting robot wandering around in the desert, visible to landing airplanes; will it just wander around out there randomly, all the time, like a giant Roomba, or just during shows, I wonder? While I love the audacity of hte plan, it kind of creeps me out that it's Michael Jackson proposing it. I'm all Jackson'd out.

Maybe he could battle it out with a big Celine DionDroid, though. That might be fun.

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