Friday, January 25, 2008

New Podcast? Back From the Dead

So reaction to "Astromonkeys!" on Escape Pod has been mixed, but mostly positive (which is probably pretty normal--if they don't like, they'll tend not to comment rather than comment negatively). But listening to it got me listening to other podcasts again, as well as searching Jonathan Coulton, of whom I am now officially a fan.

Listening to other podcasts made me start itching to try my own experiments in the Secret Lab again, so once more, I have returned to the World's Cheapest Microphone for an Adventure in Mediocrity. This one was fun to make, and I hope will be fun to listen to. I rushed things a little at the end, but I hope it gives you a smile. (19MB, 20:06)

Show Notes:

Back from the dead, appropriate for a discussion of I Am Legend.

First film adaptation was "Last Man on Earth," starring Vincent Price.

Second film adaptation was "The Omega Man," starring Charlton Heston.

Commercial interlude from "Space Patrol" (available at Internet Archive)

Spoiler-filled discussion of new Will Smith version of I Am Legend, interrupted by a danger alert!

Opening and closing theme music by Partners in Rhyme.

If you like the show, please drop me an email or a comment here. These are fun to make, but they're even more fun if I think people are enjoying them. Oh, an you can find old episodes here
and here.

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