Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie Trailers

So in the several months since I stopped posting regularly, I've seen some trailers for films coming out in 2008. This year looks like an awesome year for superhero movies.

One of the most anticipated is "Iron Man."

The trailer is genius. The second half is bursting with kick-ass action to make the fanboys go,"whoa!" But it's the first half that makes it rise above your average trailer. Robert Downey Jr. is shown in several scenes that establish the character of Tony Stark--mercenary, perhaps amoral, yet charming. The storytelling economy here is perfect. Action, effects, and an appealing, interesting character: this trailer has all the elements that make you say, "I have GOT to see that!"

Another one that I'm really anxious to see is "Hancock," starring Will Smith.

Good stuff. I mean, it's Will Smith doing his standard Will Smith schtick, but the action is over-the-top cool, and it's an interesting take on the hero genre. According to Wikipedia, the screenplay was originally titled, "Tonight, He Comes," about a hero with sexual dysfunction. I love the final lines.

Hancock: I don't even remember that.

Jason Bateman (character is not named in IMDB): Greenpeace does.

I'm also anxious to see "Hellboy II: The Golden Army."

This looks like everything you want in a sequel: the same, but bigger. Ron Perlman in perfect form as Hellboy, same supporting cast in place, huge monsters, kickass action and special effects.

I'm not as excited by "The Dark Knight."

I liked "Batman Begins," I think Christopher Nolan is an excellent director, and I think the Bat-Cycle looks badass. But from what little I've seen of Heath Ledger as the Joker, it looks like he channeled all the aspects of Jack Nicholson's performance that I liked the least. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised, but seeing the trailer made me less excited about the movie, not more--not a good thing in a trailer.

Still waiting to see a trailer for "The Incredible Hulk," starring Edward Norton. The new film is supposed to be more action-oriented than the Ang Lee version. I actually liked the Ang Lee version, or aspects of it at least. I thought the size-changing bit was a pretty cool reimagining of the concept, and I didn't mind the fact that Lee gave Banner a traumatic backstory that explained why radiation turned Banner into the Hulk instead of giving him cancer. That being said, I was disappointed with the climax of the film. I thought it was a feeble payoff after a pretty good buildup.

So all in all, it's looking like a pretty good superhero year. One film I didn't mention is "Jumper," which features teleporters. I'm saving that for its own post, since I've been a fan of the book since it was published.

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