Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CBS Throws Their Hat in the Ring

After watching a bit more Hulu, I've now found out that CBS.com has the ENTIRE RUN (all three seasons) of the original Star Trek. The video looks decent at full-screen; it doesn't seem to pixelate the way Hulu's does, but it does strobe (not sure if this is an artifact of the video compression or the streaming).

And these are not the "enhanced" versions of the episodes that are currently running in syndication. These are the original versions with the original effects, which shouldn't make much difference in most episodes for most people and may actually be preferred by some hard-core fans.

They also have the first two seasons of the original Twilight Zone, and the first seasons of Hawaii Five-O, MacGuyver and Melrose Place (although I couldn't get anything other than Star Trek to actually play).

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