Friday, April 04, 2008

The Vault

I mentioned that I might be pulling things from the vault. I meant that literally.

My dad, you see, may not have been the coolest dad ever. He couldn't fly jets or juggle fire. But he bought a jewelry store in Eufaula, Oklahoma, in a building which used to be the local bank. Which means there is a literal walk-in vault in the store.

And when I went off to join the Army, rather than put my comics in a commercial storage space somewhere, I put them in his vault. Plenty of room, after all. And it was just so cool to be able to tell people, "My comics are locked in a vault."

Now, though, I've decided to pull some of them out. And I'll be sharing with you what I've found. Starting tomorrow, a long trip down memory lane in four colors.

Hope you enjoy it.

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