Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - The Blue Beetle

I previously presented probably the wackiest episode of The Blue Beetle in my salute to Frank Lovejoy. Here's the first episode of the series, also starring Lovejoy.

The Blue Beetle is a weird character in these early episodes. In his secret identity as "rookie patrolman Dan Garrett," he seems pretty well known to everybody. How many famous rookies are there on the police force?

And of course, his powers are constantly fluctuating. He has a "magic ray" that he uses as a signal to alert crooks to his presence, but is also able to burn through solid objects. He has taken a secret formula developed by Dr. Franz that heightens his strength and vitality, but the criminals are still able to take him by surprise and knock him out pretty easily at least once an episode. And in several episodes, Dr. Franz just happens to come up with a new invention that turns out to be exactly what the Beetle needs for that particular case.

Anyway, enjoy this first episode of The Blue Beetle as patrolman Dan Garrett, "loved by everyone but suspected by none of being the Blue Beetle," receives his first dose of secret formula 2X from Dr. Franz and goes on to smash a dope ring and save the police commissioner's beautiful daughter (click the widget to listen).

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