Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Too Many Blue Beetles

Just one episode today, or perhaps I should say two. Like the previous Blue Beetle episodes I've posted, there are two episodes in one file.

Like the 60's Batman TV show, Blue Beetle was broadcast twice a week, with one storyline spanning both episodes.

In this week's story, the Blue Beetle battles a new syndicate that has a sinister plan to discredit him by hiring thugs to commit crimes while wearing copies of his costume. So that plot was probably getting old by 1940, when this show was first broadcast. Audio quality is pretty poor on this one, and there are no technological breakthroughs like the previous episode I posted in which Dr. Franz sends the Blue Beetle extra "vitality" via cell phone (or as a gamer friend likes to say, "let me text you some hit points"), but the savage ending makes up for it, I think. Take my word for it, you don't want to impersonate the Blue Beetle.

Click the widget to listen and enjoy.

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