Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks But No Thanks

There was no Thanksgiving post yesterday, because everything I'm thankful for right now is of the "thankful it's not worse" variety. Thankful that my separation from my wife has not been a knock-down, dragged-out screamfest of soul-killing, bank-draining hate, but simply a mellow desert of loneliness and unrequited desire. Thankful that the Biggest Mistake of My Life (TM) didn't get me killed, but only ripped-off, broke, indebted and depressed. Thankful that after four months of complete unemployment, I am now privileged to haul heavy boxes part-time for minimum wage and go broke more slowly.

That being said, it wasn't a bad Thanksgiving. I dropped by The Wife's celebration in the early afternoon to see my daughter, thinking they wouldn't be eating yet, but they were, so I had a small nosh. Then I went home to fix up some risotto mix I've had sitting in the cupboard for a while that I keep forgetting to fix and took it to another get-together, dubbed "Thanks for Nothing" by the hosts, wherein several of us who've had tough years gathered to wish this year over, in the vain hope that next year might actually be better while trying not to think of the myriad ways it could get worse. It was a nice time, with much good conversation.

Oh yeah, and you know what else I'm thankful for?

Corinne Bohrer's cleavage.

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