Saturday, November 21, 2009

What The Eff, David Blaine?

So first I give up on Big Video Wednesday, and now there's no Out of the Vault? What the Eff?

It's no biggie. I'm just finally doing some cleaning up around here, and of course, before you can make it clean, you've got to make it dirtier, so there's junk piled up all over my scanner.

I wrote a while back about the gaming campaign that I was in that ended recently, and as we've started up a new one with some new members, I've been waxing nostalgic about my old miniatures. And with all the sorting through old boxes, I finally found them: some Call of Cthulhu and Elfquest minis that I painted years ago. I've been afraid to open the box, because they've been sitting out in a back room that was not climate controlled at all, so I fear damage. But I plan to unveil them with the group on Monday, and if they're not in too bad shape, I may inflict them on you here.

I wonder if they would bring in any money on eBay? Something to think about.

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