Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conestoga Non-Report

My home town con, Conestoga, is running this weekend, but I'm not there. I was invited as a guest once more, and accepted long ago, before I had any idea what my employment situation would be. As it turns out, I started my job just in time to be eligible for a paid day off the day after the conventions ends. And my work schedule just changed so that I work all weekend instead of just half of it. So I got double-whammied and missed out on everything, which hardly matters, because I was only scheduled for one panel anyway. It's not as if they were counting on me for much.

But that just makes work this weekend all the worse. Not only is the job itself really draining, but knowing that I'm missing the one big weekend a year I get to see many folks I know from neighboring states just adds injury to insult.

The one bright spot: I did spend a couple of hours on Friday night and a couple more on Saturday night at the con, and somehow even that little exposure got me playing with an idea for a new book. I don't know if it'll go the distance yet, but it has some interesting possibilities.

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