Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Is Coming

So we're coming up on Halloween pretty soon. And unlike last year, I want to concentrate on Halloween-themed posts in the run-up to the holiday. I know some people don't like the overcommercialization of holidays, drawing them out for maximum profit, but if you can't do it for Monsterday, then what's the point? So expect October's editions of Out of the Vault to carry monster and/or horror themes. Expect the Superman recaps on Movie Monday to suspend once we finish with the current serial next Monday and switch to some horror-related movies as well. And as for Big Game Wednesday?

I'm not sure. Would you rather hear about horror-themed games, or would you like a return to Big Video Wednesday with some episodes of Night Gallery or something, or would you even perhaps like a brief return to Big Audio Wednesday?

And in between, expect some filler material that should satisfy your Halloweeny cravings, leading up to a big event for the holiday itself. I don't want to say too much about it, except that if anybody has experience with or would like to try their hand at voice acting...

Well, let's just say that ideas are being weighed, but there will definitely be something.

Oh, and though it won't be as all-encompassing, Halloween will definitely be felt over at Hero Go Home as well. Just saying.

If you've got suggestions or requests, let me know.

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