Monday, February 14, 2011

Early Spring?

Okay, not really, but it feels like it. I don't know if it's the weather breaking or a larger change in my attitude, but the last few days have been interesting. I had a busy weekend with lots of activity out of the house, unusual for me, and then last night, I started watching Master Chef on Hulu. I watched the rest of it today, and missed cooking so much that I bought some honest-to-goodness produce, which I haven't really done since, I don't know, 2008?

Cooked steak and potatoes tonight, and though neither one was really very good, it was enough just to dip my toe back into the skillet. I feel as if good things are starting to emerge now, even though I have no rational reason to believe it. I'm on a financial precipice, and everything could come crashing down at any second. But at the same time, there's sunshine, and friends, and Death Wave on the Kindle.

And yes, this is a plug. It may be a dark and bitter book, but there's a beating heart in there. It's a fast read with humor and action, and it's only $2.99. And it's not only for the Kindle. Amazon provides reader software for PC and smartphones as well. Plus the mobi format can also be read in conjunction with the Mobipocket Reader, if like me, you have an old Palm PDA.

And if you do like it, I would ask one favor: please tweet it, or blog it, or just tell a friend about it. I'm going to be putting up one more preview (this time a darker section from about mid-book) on Wednesday, and I'm hoping that it will generate some interest.

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