Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Some Random Stuff I Noticed

I saw this Barbie at work and immediately thought of Van Halen.

Not that I think she looks like any of the women in the video, but something about the short skirt and glasses just makes me think of her as "Hot for Teacher Barbie" every time I pass by.

I did a double-take as I passed a video rack which had these two DVDs on the same row.

I mean, it's just weird to see two covers with almost the same gesture, but with two very different meanings.

Yeah, I know, nothing of substance here. I spent most of the day mulling a very long, very depressing post about the despair which once again threatens to overwhelm me, but it does me no good to post about it. By which I mean, staying positive doesn't seem to be doing me any good either; objectively, my situation is getting no better no matter what attitude I maintain. But dwelling on all the negative things I can't do anything about just makes it miserable as my life swirls down the drain. With artificial positivity, I can at least fool myself into thinking it's a water slide or something. "It's like a ride!"

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