Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Many Moods of Metatronic

City of Heroes will be shutting down soon. And even though I haven't touched any of my characters for 1,574 days, I decided I needed to take a last look before they're gone forever.

After playing Champions for over a year, though, getting back into the City of Heroes keymap was like learning to walk again. I had forgotten the keystrokes. I had forgotten the geography of the city. And it didn't help that multiple updates and the transition from a subscriber model to a free-to-play model had wiped out or made obsolete major portions of my character.

I will be writing up something more substantial in a few days, once I've finally wrapped up Run, Digger, Run! But for now, here's a look at the many moods of my number-one main man, Metatronic (click the image to embiggen).

The third image is his original costume (no cape, because the game did not allow you to have a cape until you earned it at level 20). When he earned the right to wear a cape and have a second uniform slot, I gave him the Masked Rider style armor you see in the second image. Later, I gave him the Super-Saiyan-style power-up in image four, updated his armor to look tougher a'la image five, and filled a slot with a civilian secret identity costume. And for the fifth and final slot, I took my inspiration from his name (inspired by the Metatron, the angelic being who serves as the voice of God) and gave him his winged form. I think, though, that I used metal wings that somehow got deleted in the interim.

Now I need to find out if I can afford to upgrade my membership to V.I.P. long enough to get screenshots of Metalord, the first character to own the name.

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