Thursday, November 01, 2012

Frazier Five-Oh

Long strange day.

Not a bad day. In many ways, a good one. But I decided for my 50th birthday, I would go out and do some things. I cashed in some quarters I'd been saving for a while and treated myself to lunch at a place I'd never been, Buffalo Wild Wings. Then I bought myself some presents: the second season of Archer was on sale, and the fourth season of Heroes, which isn't exactly good, but my daughter wants to see it, and I got some Halloween candy that was on clearance.

Then I came home and got dressed up in a suit and tie and went out to eat at P.F. Chang's, another place I'd never been. The food was really good, but I felt awfully self-conscious, sitting there all dressed up and all alone. After, I went to a club and smoked a really expensive cigar that I got as a free giveaway several years ago and have been saving for a special occasion.

So all in all, it was nice. But lonely. It's not as if I have no friends. I got lots of well-wishes on Facebook, and I have family and friends that I'll see on Saturday, including my daughter. But on THE day, everyone was pretty much busy, and I don't really have any go-to-a-club-and-smoke-a-cigar friends anymore, so that's necessarily something I have to do alone. Which is not necessarily the way I want it, but I don't see any real way of changing it for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I left you a comment once...a long while back. I shared with you that I too had lost a child. Every now and then I read a post or two from your blog (your a very talented writer, by the way) I just wanted to leave you a note and say Happy 50th Birthday! May 2013 bring you peace, love and happiness! I hope next years birthday finds you spending it with some one special!