Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy Meal

So OU played USC in the Orange Bowl last night for the national championship, and for the second year in a row, OU choked and got crushed. It was win/win for me, because I'm from Oklahoma, but I attended USC. I felt bad for The Wife, though.

The Girl and I went to McDonalds for lunch before I took her to school yesterday. I got her a Happy Meal, and while we were eating, I started looking over the bag. This blurb caught my eye: "Well-being messaging provided by Baylor College of Medicine." Is this the clumsiest wording ever, or what? It's not "health information." God help us, it's not even "wellness information." No, what's included on the bag does not rise to the level of "information." The are three blurbs on the bag; two basically say, "Apples: good," and the third says, "Milk: good." Why apples and milk? Because those are the healthier options available for kids' meals at McDonalds. This is targeted well-being messaging, you see.

How much did they pay the Baylor College of Medicine for that, and how can I get the job?

And in sad news, Will Eisner died. Most fans will remember him for The Spirit, or for his pioneering graphic novels. I remember him for those, but also for PS, a monthly magazine released to the Army, in which equipment maintenance tips are parceled out in comic book form. Eisner helped launch the mag in the 1951, and it's still going strong. So remember: never use shaving cream to clean your M-16, and raise a glass to Will Eisner, one of the true pioneers of American comics.

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