Sunday, January 02, 2005

Roleplaying Nightmares

I'm not sure why I decided to look these up again, but I remembered a couple of downright hilarious accounts of role-playing games that I'd read on-line, and looked them up again yesterday. The writing quality is uneven (the stories were oriinally posted as forum threads on, but there is some hilarious stuff here for anyone who has ever looked around at 6 in the morning after 8 or 10 solid hours of gaming and said, "Why did I just spend all night with these people?" Follow the link and choose Rants and Reviews from the left margin menu. Then scroll down to EditoriALs and click on any story title that starts with "RPG.NET Rant." Some of the characters are disgusting (actually, one is named El Disgusto), but I laughed and laughed.

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