Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Eve

I was already tired all day yesterday, so last night, I didn't even try to stay up for NewYear's. We ate a regular supper at home, nothing fancy, then planned to watch a movie, only we ended up playing Catchphrase instead for an hour or two, so I ended up going to bed well before 11. I vaguely remember my wife waking me up to give me a Happy New Year kiss. We even had champagne, but I didn't drink any. So like every other holiday since 2001 (when I started working for the TV station), New Year's was no big deal. The only plus: the neighborhood kids didn't set off any fireworks this year. Or if they did, I slept through them.

Cool stuff today: NASA and CalTech have apparently teamed up to create a giant robot float for the Parade of Roses. Speaking of which, check this out. It's a hoax, but a really, really cool one.

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