Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Health Food

I'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting for a rejection from an anthology. Normally I wouldn't, except my friend Matt, who submitted to the same anthology, wrote me to tell of his rejection (sorry) and wished me better with my story. When I said I hadn't heard anything from them yet, he came back with something like, "That means it's under serious consideration." So suddenly I'm all anxious, and every day I don't hear from them is a torture it wouldn't have been if Matt hadn't opened his big mouth (or keyboard, I guess, since this was an email we're talking about). Thanks Matt.

Have to share this tidbit: at the station, we run this show called Home Delivery. It's not very good. In fact, it's due to be cancelled. But in one episode I ran last week, they had the story of a woman with a 2-year-old who weighs something like 90 pounds. At one point, they bring in a dietician who asks if the woman has any healthy food in the house. Her reply? "Oh yeah, we've got applesauce, stuff like that. Jello."

I've completed two weeks of my workout program. 11 weeks to go. I haven't been eating according to the diet plan, despite my best intentions going in, but I'm getting stronger, and I really like the variety and quality of the workouts. If you're already in good shape, and looking to bust through plateaus with a program that hits all areas of your body, P90X is a good program to try.

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