Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cool Conestoga News and Guilt

I found out last night that Conestoga here in Tulsa is going to be an official Baen's Universe event. I had hoped, considering David Drake is the GOH, but now Baen's has confirmed it, which is cool. It will be fun to meet some of the people I only know through the Baen's Bar Webboard and e-mail.

I'm feeling a bit guilty about my flip comment concerning M.T. Reiten's stack of rejections. Fact is, he's doing what I wish I were brave and disciplined enough to do: write a lot and submit continuously. I write sporadically, and only recently have begun to submit with any regularity, and even then, I went several months last year without any stories in circulation at all (except for some contest entries trapped in limbo). It's all too easy for me to start a project, hit a snag and let it wither on the vine (see Flip), or to give up on a story after a few, or even a single, rejection. I think I'm getting better, but the only reason I don't have as big a stack of rejections as Matt is that I haven't had the drive to write, the discipline to research markets, or the bravery to submit, that he has. So there.

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mtreiten said...

Not flip at all. True. Too true, unfortunately. =(