Saturday, January 28, 2006

"I'm the bad guy?"

Mom-in-Law rented Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron last night for The Girl, who luuuvs cartoons as much as her old man. I had seen the trailers in the theater, but had never been especially tempted to see the movie. It looked like a typical Hollywood multi-culti/environmentalist preachflick, ala Pocahontas or Brother Bear or Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. Nature good, people bad; white people really bad, Native Americans not so much. But it's what was on last night, so I watched it.

Made it through about twenty minutes. The animals didn't talk, but the horses would whinny while making faces that looked as if they were talking. It was weird. And then, of course, it got into the main story.

Spirit meets people. People are bad. They enslave horses. The cowboys try to catch Spirit, but he leads them on a merry chase, and just when he thinks he's beaten them, they rope him and drag him away. Then they take him to the most evil place on Earth: an American cavalry fort. The soldiers try to break him, but they can't. Nor can they break the spirit of the good-hearted Lakota they've captured. The Lakota saves Spirit from being shot by the American commander, and together the two make a daring escape.

So to recap: Horses good. People bad. White people worse. White American military people worst of all. Nogoodniks, the lot of 'em.

Yeah, okay. Got better things to do with my time. Thanks for playing.

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