Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Weeks and Counting

So all in all, it was a productive weekend. Had a meeting concerning what may turn out to be my new day job. Did some Vaulting and listened to a lot of old radio. Found my next Big Audio Wednesday, featuring an early appearance by a very familiar personality.

Colored the third week's worth of strips and finally solved my inking/lettering problems. The third week's strips look as good as I can make them right now, which is to say, any flaws therein (and there are many) are entirely due to my own limitations as an artist and not artifacts of the production process.

I started to despair late Sunday afternoon, because although I'd seemed well ahead of schedule early in the week, the coloring had seemed to expand to fill the remaining space, so by Sunday evening, I was racing to get done. But when I actually finished it and saw that the final result was pretty good, I was filled with enthusiasm and penciled all of page four right then.

I had been awaiting page four with some trepidation, because I was planning it as a splash page, meaning I was going to have to do some more extensive background work than I had done up to that time. As it turned out, the pencils look pretty darned good. Now I'm afraid to start inking them.

Meanwhile, since page four is a splash page, I'll need to move on to page five this week to complete week four's strips. I'm determined to have five weeks' worth of strips ready to go by the time I launch two weeks from tonight.

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