Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Damn, This Superman Story Is Long

Okay here are the next three chapters of the Superman/Batman team-up, "Dr. Blythe's Confidence Gang." I included three chapters rather than two because there were an odd number of chapters left, and if I didn't include the third here, there would be no Batman in the team-up this week.

The story so far: Lois Lane is a dead ringer for Dixie Lamarr, a member of Dr. Blythe's confidence gang. Dixie was seen killing a federal agent, so Dr. Blythe put an elaborate plan in motion to frame Lois. And right now, the plan is succeeding. Lois is under arrest for murder, as Clark Kent and Batman search for evidence to clear her (click the widgets for streaming play in browser or right-click to download).

Next week: the thrilling conclusion.

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