Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - The Big Supes/Batman Climax

In which Batman tracks 'em down and Superman catches 'em, finally. Once again, these recordings from 1945 depict early versions of Batman and Superman. Batman in particular is much different from his current portrayal--less obsessed, less capable, less ultra-ninja and more a regular guy with a cape and more guts than any normal guy should be allowed to possess.

(ETA: Robin gets a chance to shine, as well)

The Story So Far:

Lois Lane has been framed for the murder of a federal agent by Dr. Blythe's Confidence Gang. Clark Kent and Batman have figured out that the real murderess must be an almost exact double for Lois, and after searching through old records, have come across the name of Dorothy Zelinka. While Clark and Lois wait at the courthouse for the jury to hand down its verdict, Batman races out to track Miss Zelinka down.

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