Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pounding It Out, Day 20

Well, it's official: I've surpassed my previous word count record (in truth, I may have written more words in some months, when I was coming down the stretch of Hero Go Home or Blue Falcon--seriously, one awesome thing about making it to the end of a book is that the last 50 pages or so fucking fly).

But as of the end of the 19th, I was only about 300 words off my goal pace, so somewhere around 31,300. On Friday, I fell off my pace by over 1000 words; I was not only stuck, but I went to visit friends for the evening, which killed my writing that night (which is not a complaint--I had a good time and good discussion). But today I ended up writing the big middle scene that I had spent time working up before I started the draft, so a lot of that was sort of already blueprinted, which made the words fly by.

The last time I tried this, I only managed 28,500 for the entire month. But I'm still hanging on to my finished-in-30-days pace, and though I may fall off that pace between now and the end of the month (this kind of thing gets sort of mentally exhausting after a while), I have gotten so far now that I'm virtually assured of making it through to the end eventually.

Whether I'll have anything worth anything when I'm done is anyone's guess.

Today I'm heading into the end of act two, in which our 'hero' (who has turned into a seriously bad, even evil guy over the course of the book) tries to accomplish his goal and fails miserably. Everything goes seriously, seemingly irrevocably wrong for him (and no, I don't know exactly what that means--I just know that it needs to happen somehow--fuck, I hate this part of the book!).

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