Friday, October 08, 2010

Stuff Blowing Up and Satellite Schadenfreude

Stuff is blowing up real good over at Hero Go Home.

And in other news, I've been seeing TV commercials for DISH Network with CEO and founder Charlie Ergen personally assuring people that DISH is committed to providing the best service possible. There's no sales pitch, nor announcement of a new promotion. Just a "Let me assure you that we want to not suck." A commercial like this would only be necessary if there were major problems in the organization. And here's the thing...

I haven't really discussed my time at DISH here. And I sometimes kick myself about not being tougher and sticking it out at DISH. Being broke and unemployed is no fucking fun at all. And I don't tend to harbor grudges or animosity against companies I formerly worked for. I hope the Daily Oklahoman is doing well. Fox23 and My41 are good TV stations, and I wish them well. I have good memories of my time in the Army, and have even considered reenlisting at various times since I got out. I still enjoyed eating at Bennigan's after I quit waiting tables there.

But DISH was a nightmare. Not just as a workplace, but as a company. It was the only company I have ever worked for which I refused to patronize as a customer while I was working there. And that only happened after I had experienced first-hand what the customer service experience was like, from the inside. There was absolutely no way I would voluntarily subject myself to the kind of treatment I was being asked to give to other people. Never.

So I hope they learn from whatever current difficulty they are undergoing and make things better. But I'll personally never find out, because I will never work for them again, nor will I ever use their service.

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