Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wheelz, I Haz Some

Dad brought me his spare car, an almost 30 year old El Camino with a sluggish transmission and mushy brakes. But it's a car that runs, and it's paid for, so things are actually looking up. I used the car to visit Sargon's house to watch "Iron Man 2" on Blu-Ray, a pretty fun movie (this the day after watching "Iron Man 2" on a DVD from the same special edition that he had lent me). However, I have to make a strange admission.

I often have one of two reactions to seeing a movie for the second time: either I start seeing mistakes and problems I missed while caught up in the story the first time, or else, I start seeing all kinds of things I missed on first viewing, which increases my understanding and/or respect for the movie on continued viewing.

With "Iron Man 2," though, on second and third viewing, I still admired the same things I had admired the first time, and disliked the same things I had disliked the first time. I still don't love the movie, but I still like it, and some parts I like very much.

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