Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Game Break

You may have noticed that there was no Big Game Wednesday today. It turns out that due to the new job I'm taking a forced break from my weekly game, and since I had reached the end of the California stories, it seemed like a good place to break for a while altogether. I'm having to take inventory of my current blogging activities and decide how best to maintain in the future.

The big question mark I'm dealing with now is herogohome. There's not a lot of traffic there, which is understandable, because there's not a huge flow of content. With only one weekly chapter of about 2500 words, plus one small Extra on Tuesdays, it's just not active enough to become a habit-forming destination.

But I can't really do more than I'm doing over there, because of all the content I'm committed to over here. Movie Mondays and Out of the Vault take up a huge amount of time and energy during the week, which keeps me from being able to commit to any new on-going features over at herogohome.

So, since the bulk of Movie Mondays and Out of the Vault are superhero related, I'm contemplating moving both of those features over to herogohome, to drive more traffic there and make the site a better value. I would then save this blog more for commentary and non-superhero related stuff, which means that I would update this one less frequently.

I haven't made a decision yet, but I've got to start drawing and retaining traffic if I want to be able to maintain the site. I'm going to have to pay to renew it at the beginning of the year, so anything I do needs to be done quickly.

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