Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Yeah, I Know

I can't settle on a header design I like. After Halloween, I tried something science-fictiony, but it didn't turn out well, and I just didn't like looking at it. I went back to the noir header, but I was tired of looking at it. So then I decided to try something else I'd been thinking of doing a long time ago: redoing the Digger header I used a while back with a different approach to the heroes. The only one who still uses the same illustration is Angar, and I'll probably be changing him around soon, because he's bald in the book.

And as that was happening, something went kablooey in Blogger and my background tiles are no longer showing up. So I've had to change to a flat color for now while I try to figure that out.

Oh and speaking of headers, if you're not visiting Hero Go Home every week, you've been missing out on some Easter Eggs. A brief recap of recent weeks, told in headers...

I've not received one comment about this, on the blog or in person. Not actually sure if anyone noticed.

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Naamah said...

Aw, maaaan, I read through a feed so I missed the headers!