Thursday, May 25, 2006

Buckling Down

It's funny. The huge momentum I thought I'd have is not manifesting in long writing stretches where I do 4-5-6000 words at a time. Partly that's a function of the time restrictions I'm working under, catching what writing I can when I can (for instance, I may have written as much as 2,000 words today in various pieces, but the official count has not moved because it's mostly in longhand and I haven't integrated it into the official MS yet).

And it's also a function of the complexity and scale of the climax. I think I mentioned that the climax is more streamlined than the Act II close in a lot of ways, but I still have to make sure all the pieces are advancing in the right order, and that each cutscene has more content to it than just a straight listing of punches and kicks. I've got to hit crisis points for all of my simultaneous subplots, then resolve them all in the right order, and it's tricky.

So I'm not churning out tons of words at blazing speed. However, I am doing easily a thousand words a day, often more, and when I stop writing, I'm sort of previzzing future scenes in my head. I have almost everything worked out completely between here and the end of the book. Now all that remains is to find the exact words and get 'em into type.

It may be done tomorrow. If not, it will almost certainly be done Saturday. After that, all that remains is to find some first readers who don't mind reading a messy draft with lots of holes, and schedule the party I promised (probably Saturday, June 3, although no one really seems too enthused over the prospect, so I'm not sure the shape the celebtration might take if I'm alone).

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