Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Few More Words

A little more detail: I promised my self it would be done yesterday, and I worked for something like six hours making it so. Remember when I said it wouldn't be 85,000?

It's 85,000.

Which means I just milked the bejeezus out of the climax. And I guess in a first draft, it's good not to be afraid to do that. It's crazy and over-the-top, but fun, I hope. I'm afraid to even look at it for a while. Seriously. Some people I trust want to look at it, but as for me, it may be a week or more before I take the plunge. I had too much fun writing it toward the end there, so it must be bad.

EDIT: Okay, I took a peek, and... It's really messy, but seems to hang together. The big problem is that I let so many characters just kind of drop out here and there and never come back. Need to tie up more of the loose ends.

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