Saturday, May 13, 2006

Successful and Not-So-Successful Events

The OSFW meeting last night was pretty cool. We held it in the rare book room of the University of Tulsa library, a gorgeous room full of warm old wood, the walls lined with rare books and artifacts in glass cases. One case held awards and keepsakes from the career of the late science-fiction author R.A. Lafferty, including a pile of old OSFW newsletters. Amazing to be holding a club meeting in a room that treats our old newsletters as museum pieces. Like taking my place in history or something. More amazing to be ostensibly leading the meeting as VP, although I think being in the room intimidated me a little bit, so I ended up deferring to K.D. Wentworth quite a bit. Not that I mind.

Then today, we had The Girl's birthday party at a local park. So of course, today is the day the maintenance crew chose to mow the grass. Because people never go to a park on Saturday. We barely managed to keep the grass clippings out of the cake. I think The Girl liked her present, though. She got herself a big girl bike, so now it'll be harder than ever to keep up with her.

Word count on the novel has not moved at all officially, because the only writing I've done has been longhand, catch-as-catch-can. I'm going to have some free time at work today, though, and I hope to get some of the longhand typed in tonight, so I'll have some official movement by the end of the weekend. I'll give a numbers update on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm a little pissed at the Lost Experience. I was a big fan of the A.I. tie-in game, nicknamed "The Beast." But what started out as an intriguing tie-in game to the TV series has turned into a Sprite marketing thing, directing viewers to a site called, where viewers are told to "obey" (recent Sprite marketing campaigns have used the slogan "Obey Your Thirst," while Sprite campaigns in the 70's claimed that the fictional lymon, a hybrid lemon-lime, was the source of Sprite's flavor). Now all they need is for the next food drop to feature Dharma-branded Sprite and I'll give up on Lost for the second time (the first time, which didn't even last a week, was when Sun was able to obtain a convenient pregnancy test from the wreckage of the plane).

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