Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Shoe Finally Drops

I have finally started the big finale. No more exposition. No more folks sitting around barrooms or conference rooms chatting. Just action and suspense in one long rollercoaster to the finish.

The Good: A successful conclusion to the first draft is now virtually assured, and perhaps in as little as a week and a half. Plus, writing this thing should be a blast, with plenty of cowbell for everyone.

The Not-So-Good: Once again, I may have peaked early. I've got 14,000 words between here and the end. Do I really have 14,000 words worth of material? I don't know. I can't really worry about it now, I guess. Just write the best climax I can and worry about length later, in revisions.

The Numbers: 66,000 words. The Goal: 14,000 words in 21 days (Or 666 words a day-instead of a K a day, I've now just got to write an Antichrist a day).

If you want in on the Free Drinks for Frazier's Ass-Kickers Night, it's time to start kicking...

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