Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Superman vs. Atom Man, wk 2

Continuing the long "Superman vs. Atom Man" storyline. I should probably adjust the number of episodes so that I can present an actual chronological week at a time. Right now, I'm doing Thursday through Wednesday. But if I adjust to Monday through Friday, we would end with even bigger cliffhangers.

The story so far: ex-Nazi scientist Der Teufel has obtained a (very rare at the time) sample of Kryptonite, a radioactive mineral fragment of Superman's homeworld. While Superman and Allied occupation forces search for Der Teufel in Germany, the scientist is moving forward with his plan to create an Atom Man, who will bring first Superman, then the world, to their knees. In this, he has enlisted the aid of a chemist named Milch and his son.

I should probably make some kind of graphic for Big Audio Wednesdays.

(ETA--Oops--I accidentally put Big Audio Thursday instead of Wednesday in the title - corrected now)

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