Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Superman vs. Atom Man, wk 4

Extra-bonus week in the continuing Superman vs. Atom Man saga. I've added two extra episodes this week, so that we end on a Friday.

It's hard to understand nowadays just how fresh everything in this storyline was to the listeners of that time. The war in Europe had ended less than six months before, so Nazis were still a real menace. Hiroshima had been bombed less than three months previously, so that was even fresher in people's minds. The general public had no idea how atomic power could change the world; they only knew it would (and arguably already had).

The storyline so far:

Nazi mad scientist Der Teufel has used a fragment of kryptonite to transform Heinrich Milch into the Atom Man. With the use of metallic gloves and a throat converter that focuses his power (and also changes his voice), the Atom Man can shoot green rays that destroy anything in their path.

Posing as reporter Henry Miller, Atom Man lured first Jimmy Olsen, and then Clark Kent (whom Miller knows is Superman) to a remote cabin in the woods. Weakened by the radiation of the kryptonite in Miller's blood, Superman could only look on helplessly as the Atom Man prepared to destroy him.

And now, enjoy The Adventures of Superman from November 1945...

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