Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Superman vs. Atom Man, wk 3

Continuing the epic story of Superman's confrontation with the Atom Man from October 1945.

If the Atom Man's voice sounds familiar, just imagine him saying, "With a name like Smucker's, it's got to be good."

That's right, it's this guy.

Mason Adams. I remember him mainly as editor Charlie Hume on Lou Grant, the dramedy spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But he's played so many different supporting roles in so many shows and movies that you might recognize the voice and be able to picture the face without knowing exactly where you remember him from. He's one of those guys.

The story so far:

Nazi scientist Der Teufel has injected Heinrich Milch, son of renowned chemist Dr. Milch, with a solution of dissolved kryptonite. With the use of metallic gloves and a convertor box attached to his throat, Milch can focus the kryptonite radiation into a beam of terrible destructive power.

Der Teufel has told Heinrich that his father was murdered by Allied soldiers and sent Milch to Metropolis to take revenge by killing Superman and then taking over the world (in fact, it was Der Teufel himself who murdered the scientist). Milch, who studied in America and speaks fluent English, has adopted the identity Henry Miller and gotten a job at the Daily Planet in an attempt to track down Superman. When Miller met Clark Kent, the kryptonite in his bloodstream caused Kent to become dazed and weak, leading Lois to call a "rest farm" to have him committed.

What will happen next on The Adventures of Superman?

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