Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vault Extra - Showcase #61

So you read yesterday's description of that Blackhawk story from 1966 and you're thinking, "Sure, Fraze, it's a silly story with a cascade of improbable twists, but they're not especially unusual for a comic book story. Alien monsters? Interplanetary travel in seconds? Character suddenly developing super-powers? Just your typical day in a DC comic before the "realistic" reboots of the 70's. Nothing spectacular or over-the-top here. Show me something really strange."

Okay, you got it.

Here's an in-house ad for Showcase #61, cover date April 1966 (on sale Jan. 25).

The scan is not the best, but there's a better version here.

Yes, that's right. That's DC's ghostly spirit of vengeance The Spectre in outer space, punching a demon in the stomach while it bashes him on the head....


What was Marvel giving you at the time? Galactus (March 1966)??? Pffftt....

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